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Ava Wall Recliner

SKU 016769
Why You’ll Love This Recliner Smooth lines and crisp tailoring give the Ava Wall Recliner a clean, versatile look. Sleek sculpted foam armrests, a tall, plush split back, faux box-border chaise seat and legrest are so cozy—and adjustable! And, you can set it close to a wall.


Featured-0 37.0"w x 37.5"d x 42.5"h
Featured-1 Perfect for Tall scale (5'10" to 6'2")
Featured-2 Comfort styling with tailored design elements
Featured-3 A streamlined classic look in a smaller scale
Featured-4 Cozy recliner that offers flexibility in your décor as it can sit almost anywhere in a room
Featured-5 Oversized scale, soft lines and a pub-style back create a refined casual look
Featured-6 Exposed wings and subtly tapered arm rests peek out from generous cushioning
Featured-7 Blown-fiber backs, sculpted bucket chaise seats and footrests will cradle you in comfort
Featured-8 Great for small spaces with limited reclining space
Featured-9 Can be placed approximately 7" from a wall and fully recline into
Featured-10 Chair does not rock and remains sturdy when sitting down or standing up to exit the seat
Featured-11 Recline function moves chair slightly forward instead of back toward the wall
Featured-12 Convenient side-mounted handle lifts the legrest into 3 supportive, safely locked positions
Featured-13 Chair back can recline independently, without activating the legrest
Featured-14 Double-picked blown fiber fill for improved cushion loft and shape retention
Featured-15 High grade foam seat cushion maintains its comfort and appearance