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Hidden Treasures Hex Cocktail Table

SKU 090-960
Why You’ll Love This Table A collection of fabulous assortment of pieces inspired from furniture designs from around the world. Each is a true treasure and crafted with attention to detail.


Featured-0 40.0"w x 35.0"d x 17.0"h
Featured-1 Created with a variety of on-trend materials for a unique, fashion-forward design
Featured-2 Tall, box-border split back highlighted by exposed wings
Featured-3 Contemporary lines softened with casual cushioning
Featured-4 Tall, box-border split back highlighted by exposed wings
Featured-5 Bucket chaise seat and legrest create a broad span for lounging
Featured-6 Track arms have sleek wrap-over padding that extends down the outer arms
Featured-7 Single-needle topstitching accents wings, back and arms
Featured-8 Can be placed inches from a wall
Featured-9 Newly redesigned with a side-mounted control panel
Featured-10 Adjust the back, legrest, headrest and lumbar independently
Featured-11 Two memory options save your favorite reclining positions
Featured-12 Home button returns you to the upright seated position
Featured-13 Wireless remote upgrade available
Featured-14 Built-in USB port powers your smartphone or tablet
Featured-15 Double-picked blown fiber fill for improved cushion loft and shape retention