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Terrace Etagere

SKU 206-580
Why You’ll Love This Style Introducing the Terrace Etagere, an exquisite blend of historical elegance and modern functionality. Inspired by the refined aesthetics of French and Swedish furniture from the Louis XVI era, this stunning piece features a lovely Meringue finish that adds a touch of sophistication to any room. With five spacious shelves, it provides ample space for displaying your favorite books, decorative items, or cherished collectibles. The Terrace Etagere's timeless design and graceful lines make it a perfect addition to any home, effortlessly enhancing your living space with a nod to classic European charm.


Featured-0 32.19"w x 18.0"d x 78.06"h
Featured-1 Inspired by French and Swedish furniture of the Louis XVI era
Featured-2 Features a lovely Meringue finish
Featured-3 Inspired by French and Swedish furniture of the Louis XVI era
Featured-4 Features a lovely Meringue finish
Featured-5 Includes five spacious shelves
Featured-6 Ideal for displaying books, decorative items, or collectibles
Featured-7 Timeless design with graceful lines
Featured-8 Enhances any living space with classic European charm
Featured-9 Blends historical elegance with modern functionality
Featured-10 Recline the back and adjust the headrest and lumbar independently with the touch of a button
Featured-11 Simply use the side-mounted 4-button control panel for perfectly customized comfort
Featured-12 Built-in USB port powers your smartphone or tablet
Featured-13 Double-picked blown fiber fill for improved cushion loft and shape retention
Featured-14 High grade foam seat cushion maintains its comfort and appearance
Featured-15 Premium grade fabrics and leathers tested to resist wear and fading